Monday, November 03, 2008

Better than a Bookstore

I really didn't think there was anything better than a bookstore. In days past, when I was stressed about things, I would head to a bookstore and spend money. It was the only money that I could easily justify spending. Well, that's not true. When I was very young and had absolutely no money, I would save my stress up for the grocery store. I could only afford to buy groceries, so I would treasure every moment and every choice.

HOWEVER ... I moved past that stage in my life sometime in my 30s and books were my obsession. I would walk into a bookstore and leave with an immense bag of books and at least $150.00 less in my checkbook.

While my Kindle has been filling up with books, I've done the 'filling' quite judiciously, never buying a book until I was ready to read.

Until tonight. I hate to admit how my relationship with my family impacts me, but when one of them is stressed about something, I react. My reaction always involves shopping. Amazon got my wrath and I'm not even certain that the memory on my Kindle is going to be able to hold all of the books I now own. I went a little nuts. I didn't buy one 'Dresden Files' book, I bought 3. "Pieces of My Heart" by Robert Wagner is awaiting my perusal (I've been in love with him for a very long time) and David Jeremiah wrote a new book on end times prophecy. Can't pass that up if I'm going to keep up with the newest information on end times, can I? Hmmm ... there's a story about a cat named Stella on there now. Oh and since I never finished the entire Phillip Pullman trilogy beginning with "Golden Compass," I purchased those three books as well.

Oh my ... It's 1:00 in the morning and I have a rather large reading list ahead of me. What have I done to myself?

The good thing about all of this? Kindle books cost less than books at the bookstore, they don't weigh a thing and I can get them at 1 in the morning. I win!!!???!!!

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