Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pre-Election Commentary

Yah. Uh huh. That's exactly what I want to talk about. Ok. That was sarcasm. I really hate public confrontations. I am uncomfortable in debate situations and I hate controversy. So, imagine how much I love election campaigning. Some people get all charged up over the verbal banter. I get sick to my stomach. I'm going to be glad to get tomorrow started and will be even happier when January 21st is here and the speculation is over and someone actually gets to work.

Max and I will, however, stay up late tomorrow night watching the returns. We always have fun with that.

I've been reading commentaries on I Peter today. Interesting man, that Peter. I really love it when an author causes me to think outside the box regarding something I've taken for granted. I get so caught up in the text of scripture that sometimes I forget to look at things in complete context.

For instance, much of his language and turns of phrases were words that Jesus spoke. These were simply a part of his vernacular. Much like we incorporate phrases and ideas that have come from famous speakers, world leaders, movies, television, books, etc. It's kind of cool to think about the fact that he was so close to Jesus, that Jesus' words became his words.

I've adopted a phrase into my speech patterns that I distinctly chose to pick up from a friend, who got it from her husband, who got it from his father. Now ... that's 4 generations away from the originator of the phrase and yet it has become a part of me. Peter heard these things directly from Jesus. That means that the early church, the people that read this letter first, were hearing things from Peter that had probably been taught by the other disciples as they traveled preaching and teaching.

This knowledge makes the letters of Peter so much more personal to me, now.

As I was reading, I also discovered that there have been papyri discovered of the letters of Peter and Jude that date to 200 CE (Common Era). Along with those papyri were others that contain the books of John and Luke, some of these date to about 125 CE. That is within 35 years of John's death! I just started to cry as I read this information. It's not necessarily new information, it just got to me today. I began hearing the verse, Isaiah 55:11.
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Many liberal scholars have insisted that Constantine corrupted scripture, yet these papyri, dated long before his reign, prove that scripture has maintained its integrity.

Proof that the time change screws up our world existed in my world this morning. I could not figure out what Max was doing up at 5 am. I thought that he was sick. And at 6:20, he left the house. That was weird. He is usually up at about 6:40 and out of the house by 7:10. Yup ... he was totally confused due to the time change. It wasn't that the clocks weren't reading the correct time, they were (we only have a couple of clocks that have to be manually changed, Max has atomic clocks around the house - and the computers and phones change automatically), it was simply that he was stumbledum (my own word, don't look it up) at 5:00 in the morning. It certainly confused me and Leica. Oh well ...

I will say that, though I like having a little extra sunlight in the morning, I do not like the intense darkness at night. Especially when it gets here as early as it does now. Darkness will continue to close in on us until December 21 and then it will hold until January 2 when we will gain an extra minute of sunlight in the morning and the evening each day. Yes. This is information my husband imparted to me this evening.

I've started my intense Christmas shopping. Have you started? My intent is to be finished by mid-December. Since I do most of it online, I have to be sure to allow for shipping days. Amazon.com is good, but I can't be stupid! (hehe)

Alright, enough of the pre-election banter. You can go back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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nebelle said...

We are so sick of all the election coverage and spin! Can't wait for that to be over - almost get to the point where we don't care who wins anymore JUST STOP THE CHATTER!!

Oh, and we really need to teach our dogs to tell time - the stupid things are yipping at 6AM NOT 7. Atleast Max can fend for himself! We really need a time controlled doggy door. :)