Thursday, November 13, 2008

Totally freaked out

I swear to God, I need to move to small town Iowa.

Alright, here's the deal. I thought I heard something at my front door at 1 am, but I'll be damned if I'm checking it out. No more knocks and I decided to ignore it.

I just went downstairs and there was a flashing light in front of my house. I look outside and there is a cop parked there, crime tape beginning at my next door neighbor's house and extending down to the east end of the block ... at least.

What in the hell? I walked to the back door - crime tape at the dentist's office - extending east a ways. Oh my gawd! What is going on?

Alright ... I have to know. I can't go to sleep thinking that something awful has happened to my neighbors.

I called the police station - there was a shooting at the gas station (Infinite - corner of 52nd & Leavenworth). I hung up ... and panic set in. What in the hell?


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH!! Were you ever able to get to sleep? Did you hear any more details? I'll be waiting to read more... (this is almost like a suspense novel!)

I'm very glad that your chai drinking-fuzzy brain is up at 9 am in Gretna.

Love you, girl!

Fran said...

It was so hard not to call at 6:00 am this morning when I heard the news my friend, I cannot imagine how you must have felt last night while your whole world was spiraling out of control and everyone you knew was sound asleep.
Get some rest today and we'll catch up with you later tonight.
Love ya!