Thursday, November 13, 2008


Stupid printer. We have to take it to the doctor. It's just a little over a month old. I can't imagine that more than 500 sheets have printed to it - and the board is gone. Blerg.

I pretty much lost most of today. I slept through the bulk of it and was exhausted through more of it. Took another nap about 5:45 and woke up at 8 pm. Now, I'm fully awake and wondering what I shall do with the rest of my evening.

I was counting on being able to print out a ton of pages so that I could actually work 'on paper.' Well, whaddya know ... I'm going to have to work online! (hehe)

So, I think I shall pop in "Star Wars: A New Hope" and have that playing in the background while I work on building some outlines. It's one of those movies that I love so much, I don't have to concentrate while it's playing. Great background noise.

I'm still running the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam in the background as well. This thing is HUGE! Millions and millions of hits. I read somewhere that 12.5 million hours have been spent viewing this group of 6 puppies. People Magazine will have an article in next week's magazine, Canadian mTV ran a piece, The Guardian out of the UK picked it up. Wow. A young couple simply wanted to keep their eyes on their newly born pups and the world has embraced them. Overload of cute? Of course it is. But, I can pretty much guarantee a smile if you watch for awhile. Even while they sleep, they're adorable.

Alright ... off to set up the movie, grab a bottle of water (maybe a few m&ms), and get to work.

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