Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22

Well, I just read a couple of interesting things.

Those who pay attention to dates know that November 22, 1963 is the date that President Kennedy was assassinated.

Now, please notice that I didn't say I paid attention to dates. Max is the one that has all of this weird stuff in his head ... I just tag along for the ride. And generally, I'm quizzing him on what happened on specific dates. In fact, it's never a fair quiz. I give him a date and a year and he has to do the rest. If it's really obscure, I'll give him a bit of a lead, but that doesn't happen very often. He usually gets what I'm looking for.

He's like a fun trivia toy. I press a button and he responds. Awesome.

But, Aldous Huxley (Brave New World author) and CS Lewis died on the same day in 1963.

And in 1873, a French ship sank in the North Atlantic. Horatio Spafford's wife and 4 daughters were on that ship ... the daughters died. As he traveled to meet up with his wife, he wrote "It is Well With My Soul" while passing over the spot where they died.

I will probably not remember this information in a month, but for today ... it's fun to fill my mind with weird stuff. When Max gets back with breakfast, I'll tell him and he'll remember.

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