Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas is coming

I was recently told by a friend about someone they knew that had 98 items on their Christmas wish list. Now, this person is a young girl in middle school, but yikes! And these weren't small items, we're talking iPods, gaming consoles, cell phones, things like that! 98 items!

My family has a very difficult time trying to figure out what to get for me for Christmas. I have made it much harder for them over the years because I've made it very clear that I'm eliminating 'stuff' from my life.

My poor husband gets frustrated because he can't surprise me anymore. It's very hard to find a gift for me that I know nothing about. I won't let him buy clothes for me because that would just freak both of us out. Books and DVDs are out now. I watch everything on Netflix, Hulu, or we've got it DVRd - and I'm in charge of all the books that I download to the Kindle. I don't collect things anymore (eliminating 'stuff' from my house) and I certainly don't need any more furniture, lamps, or things to decorate my house. I don't cook that much and besides, I have every kitchen gadget, pot and pan, dish and bowl that one woman could possibly need.

I haven't left much for Christmas lists. I'm sincerely going to despise getting that dreaded phone call from friends and family, "So, what do you want for Christmas this year?" I think I've done great damage to my psyche on this one.

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Cayla said...

that's why i always ask for cash, gift cards, all things redeemable for merch at online/actual stores.

y'been tagged on my blog! check it out, buddy!

p.s. thanks for all of your encouragements on my blog, facebook, etc. you's a cool person. but you know that.