Monday, November 10, 2008


I was tagged by Cayla - and that always gives me fodder for thought and for words:

3 Names I go by:
Diane - that's it ... how do you break it down?
Dinah - mom really was the only one that used that
Hairbear - another life, another name

3 Restaurants I love:
Greek Islands

3 Trips to plan on this year:
My brother's house for the holidays
Maybe a trip to the Pacific Northwest next summer
Weekend jaunts into Iowa

3 Things I want badly:
My own point and shoot camera
A master's degree in Biblical studies
A clean house

3 pets I've had: (the 3 latest)

3 Things I did yesterday:
Wrote my Pour Out a Blessing blog
Took my nephew out to supper at Jason's Deli
Stayed up until 3:30 am (because I can)

3 Things I ate today:
Leftover Mamas pizza
Snack size bag of m&ms (plain)

3 Fears:
Extreme heights
Tight spaces with too many people
Losing my mind

3 Things I plan on doing tomorrow:
Getting up late (every day I can!)
SingOmaha rehearsals

3 Favorite Holidays:
Memorial Day/Labor Day (extra time with Max)

3 Favorite beverages:
Diet Mountain Dew
Chocolate Martinis

3 People I tag:
Jim - a lifetime of him being the younger brother
Rebecca - where are you girl?
Cody - really ... just blog already!

1 comment:

Cayla said...

ooh Malara's, yummy, i almost listed that, too! i haven't been back for a long time but the last time i went, yeah, fantastic.