Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ichabod the Cat

Ichabod has been needy as of late. Moreso than usual I would suspect, but then, I have changed his world around and he hasn't adjusted well.

When my desk and life was downstairs, he could jump from the sofa to my desktop with no proclamation and startle the heck out of me. But, there he would be, in front of me, begging for some attention. He almost always got it, except when he landed on books and papers spread before me.

That is no longer an option. There is no way for him to get to me without me picking him up and placing him on my desktop.

To announce his desire for attention, he will put his front paws on my legs and meow at me. If I lean over to pick him up, he skitters away and then moves back and forth as I attempt to corral him with my arms. It's a game we play.

Sometimes I just put my hand down at my side and he will rub against my fingers as I try to proceed with what I am doing. But, that's never enough. He wants me to play the game and try to pick him up. Because when I finally get him into my arms, he is content and is where he has been desperately trying to get to for quite some time.

If I don't play the game, he will lie down on the floor beside me and meow at me. He'll only say something for a second or two and then he will be quiet. I forget that he's there and concentrate on my reading or writing again, but am soon startled by the plaintive meow. I will lean over and tell him to be quiet ... he'll meow at me again and then settle down - as will I. Then, he'll startle me out of my reverie again. This happens again and again until I relent and attempt to pick him up. That's when the second game begins.

He is not content to be in my presence - he wants to be in my arms.

I tried to think of some great and profound way to turn this into a parable about God, but really ... I'm definitely not like God in this situation, because I'm impatient and I'm glad to ignore the cat while I'm busy. Ichabod isn't like me either ... yes, I want to be in God's arms ... not just His presence, but because God isn't ignoring me - I don't meow and then fall silent when I don't get an answer, only to startle Him out of His reverie in a few minutes.

So ... it's just a story about a cat and me.

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Fran said...

It continues to amaze me how our pets train us to live in their lives.........who really is in control? I'm pretty certain they believe they are.

Most days when I have let the dogs in and out to many times to count, I believe that they are totally in control of me! Imagine that.