Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is More Like It

It's 2:55 am and I'm up ... thinking and processing on things. Last night I went to sleep by 1:30 because I had to be in Gretna for a Bible Study at 9 this morning. I have to admit, I feel like a complete dunce at this Bible Study. I haven't got ANYTHING going on in my brain, no matter how much caffeine I suck down. I smile and nod a lot. It's good to get to know people and it's always good to let other people speak. But, talk about a fuzzy brain! Wednesday mornings that is all I have. My goodness, but my body clock has changed. If you want to have Bible Study at 1 am - I'll be alert. I might be the only one, but I will definitely be alert.

I was trying to wear my brain out, so I decided to play a little Hold 'em on the computer. Failed miserably. I've never played this before and I find that it annoys the heck outta me. Don't like it. I allowed myself a couple of games to get the rules of play going. OK, I have the rules - now ... let's go! Ummm ... nope. Stupid, stupid game. How many different ways can a person learn to throw away money. I prefer shopping on - thank you very much!

My printer or the router or something is frustrating me. And I can't very well wake Max up in the middle of the night to come fix it. I want to print out some stuff so that I can begin organizing for my December "Pour out a Blessing" blog. Yeahhhh ... no. The printer keeps going offline. Ticked me off.

Right now I have 4 specific projects I'm working on: 1) Editing, citing sources for the Revelation study, 2) 1st & 2nd Peter for Pour Out a Blessing (POAB), 3) Writing the outline for December POAB, 4) Gathering information - which includes a TON of reading for some type of study (I have no idea yet) on grief, death and dying.

I need to make some decisions about the Revelation study - what I want the presentation to look like and I really need God to tell me how to move forward on this grief study. All I've heard Him tell me so far is to read. So, I'm reading. I've finished two books, am well into a book by Billy Graham and have started Randy Alcorn's "Heaven." I found some more books today - by people in varying walks of life and can't wait to get those started.

Have I told you lately how much I love my Kindle? Well, the coolest thing is that I can highlight passages in these books and the Kindle saves it to a file. I can't sort yet by topic, but one of these days they'll get there with all of that. For now it's enough that I can find the 'highlight' file and go back and find things that I thought were important as I was reading. Cool, eh?

Alright - 3:10. NOW it's time to go to bed. I'll let Leica out for one last run and curl up with a good book. THIS makes much more sense to me.

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