Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Figure it out!

This evening I have gone through every temperature shift possible. Absolutely freezing, pulling on blankets, sweaters, fleece-lined slippers to sweating while wearing a nightgown. Good heavens! Oh, the joys!

Now, I will admit that some of this is due to the lack of insulation in this brick house (the actual house, folks - I have plenty of insulation). By the time darkness comes, the sun has warmed the bricks and the house begins warming up. It works in reverse during the day with the coolest point of the day happening around 3:00 pm.

Since I have confidence that this is the way my house and body are going to react on a daily basis, I have taken extra steps to make it tolerable this year. The temp in the house goes down. I don't care ... it's going to stay down around 62 degrees. Sweatshirts, sweaters, blankets and slippers are now to be found surrounding us. Max is learning to keep a sweatshirt nearby - you never know when the next freeze is going to come through. Animals are learning to crawl under blankets. I'm very good at adding layers of clothing to warm myself up ... there's only so much I'm willing to strip off to cool myself down.

I do feel a little guilty when Leica leaves me to burrow in the blankets in the bedroom. I find her shivering in here until I get her wrapped up. Ichabod? Fat cat ... with lots of fur ... I think he prefers the winter, just like I do. Max? You all can just feel sorry for him.

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