Thursday, November 20, 2008

Randomness of the Day

I love Christmas shopping ... online. So, some of the gifts are starting to come in. I do love this part of the season. I spend a lot of time thinking about friends and family as I consider the gifts that I would like to give to them.

After getting up rather late, I realized I had nothing in the house that was easily edible for lunch. So, a trip outside was required. Leica and I got into the car and headed to Jimmy John's. That's always a good decision. I love their iced tea! What a great flavor. My car was warm and the day was sunny. I considered pulling into a park and eating while reading my Kindle (because it's always with me), but I couldn't do it since I refused to share my lunch with my dog and I had nothing for her. Am I insane? Probably a little bit.

Max usually gets home between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. I generally watch the clock - because it's what I do. Either he showed up early or I wasn't paying attention today, but I ended up having to jumpstart my heart. I had gone to the bathroom and completely missed the back door slamming shut. The bathroom is directly at the top of the stairs. All of a sudden, I heard "Leica, go outside" and I leaped off the toilet, scrambling, and SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. Talk about a startled woman. Yes, I understand the importance of the timing there ... I immediately started howling with laughter, though. Good heavens, but I have a strong startle reflex. I'm still giggling about it!

Tomorrow's lunch will be leftover fajitas from Chili's. Yummy. So, I told Max to take the Jeep. It's going to get COLD tonight and I'm betting I sleep better than I usually do. I love lots of blankets, but I hate getting hot. And when you sleep with a man that puts off every degree of 98.6 and a small dog that sleeps very close, you are thankful for cold weather. At Bible study on Wednesday, I was the first one into the sanctuary and the facilitator asked me, as she walked in, if the temperature was ok. My response: I'm a nearly 50 year old woman. I am the last person to ask about temperature. It will always be too warm.

Ok ... this is going to piss some people off, and I'm sorry ... (hehe - not really - well maybe), but I feel a little more justified. I have never liked "The Sound of Music." I love Julie Andrews and I love much of the music, but it was one over-played musical when I was growing up. I got so tired of that sappy thing that I couldn't stomach it any longer. I just read an article regarding Christopher Plummer's disdain for it (he played Captain Von Trapp). Made me laugh just a bit. Sorry, folks ... I know, I know ... I'll burn in a special place in hades for this opinion.

As much as I am loving the Shiba-Inu puppy cam, I absolutely adore There is no shortage of adorableness on there and every day I get pictures of a different puppy. I become a blithering idiot over the dachshund puppies, but I love the others as well.

Twilight opens this weekend. I'm almost scared to see the movie since I love the books so much. I'm not sure how they will be able to translate the books to screen and do it well. I've thought a lot about the power of these books. A return to chivalry and trusting someone to truly take care of you and protect you. Everyone wants to feel safe. Edward Cullen makes Bella feel safe, no matter what comes at her. He never diminishes her power and strength, while protecting her from things that are worse than she can imagine. Heroic behavior.

I began looking at my husband and wondering how he does this for me and I watched to see that it happens moment by moment. Last week, when I saw the police outside and realized how close we were to a murder, all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and fold myself into his arms.

I'm not sure that we'll go see the movie this weekend, I don't want to deal with hoardes of high school girls as they adore Robert Hattinson (Edward Cullen). We'll see.

Alright, enough randomness ... time to concentrate on other things.


Tena said...

Oh, the pain... the agony... I think a little bit of me just died.


tlksimpson said...

Ok -- Twilight -- I am living with a Twilight fanatic! I love chivalry...but I'm tired of WEAK female characters who give their power away to a man...give me Elizabeth Bennet ANY DAY...she WANTS a man -- she doesn't NEED one!

Yeah...I think I felt Tena's hurt from here...I've hears that Christopher Plummer wasn't crazy about it either!

Diane Muir said...

Yup, Tena ... you were one that I worried about! I have an addict for a sister-in-law as well.

As for weak female characters, wow, I'm not reading the same books you are ... I was just thinking the other day that I'm thrilled with the power that some of these women are exerting.

And yes, Elizabeth Bennet is awesome!

I'm just thankful that my husband, much like yours, has never drawn strength from making me weak. I was a lucky, lucky woman!

tlksimpson said... I have been perusing "Twilight".....I haven't given it my full don't think Edward totally takes advantage of Bella with his brooding...and she gives in?

The books that have had my attention lately have VERY strong feminie characters....the main character was raised by 8 weather witches from the isle of Tir na mBan -- AWESOME!!

Diane Muir said...

Hah ... wow, I certainly never saw Edward as deliberately trying to remove Bella's personal strength. Especially as the books progress and the characters develop.

She comes into the story as a hurting young woman with a lot of internal fortitude. As she heals from the pain of her hurts, she finds that she has the inner strength to deal with the weird and strange. His protection of her seems to fall mostly in the physical realm, which is where she is the most vulnerable once she meets him - as she begins encountering a world that is alien to any of us.

She was attracted to him from afar and I wouldn't be able to say that he was 'brooding' simply to attract her and make her fall for him.