Sunday, November 16, 2008

A specific level of insanity

What do you get when you put 3 + 3 Greenwood siblings and assorted spouses in the same room? Insanity. Nothing more than unmitigated insanity. And ... it's so much fun.

I remember a long time ago (before the male Greenwood clan moved back to Nebraska), listening to my sister lament the fact that we didn't have a family around us. She watched her friends hanging out with their parents and it hurt her soul that we didn't have a chance to do that.

Well, Jim and Janet moved into Lincoln and that all changed in a hurry.

I love watching Jim's kids growing into young adulthood - they are dealing with the same things that we did as high schoolers: boys, girls, grades, driving, teachers, parents, friends, not friends. These three kids are bright enough and quick enough to enter into any wild conversation that we have as adults and they manage to keep up with us all pretty well. I believe it will be deadly as they get some more maturity and experience.

They are affectionate with the aunts and uncle and that certainly makes us happy. More than I can say. It's also really interesting to watch how each of the kids is learning to find their own peculiar way in this world. Their interests are so diverse and their personalities quite dissimilar, yet amidst the rough housing, punching, yelling, screaming, (this is not a quiet home - for a couple of old hermits like Diane & Max), there is this incredible love and respect for each other.

I love that I have a family close enough to enjoy. I love that my husband enjoys being around my crazy family. I love that we truly care for each other, no matter what. I love that at the age of (nearly) 50, I have a family that has maintained a sense of normalcy together. We know what is most important ... each other.

Now I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving.

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Fran said...

Glad you had a wonderful time at Jim and Janets!
Isn't it great to have family close by and active in our lives.
Love ya my friend!