Thursday, October 16, 2008

AARP / Navy?

Max turns 50 next week. He'll be sleeping in a wigwam. Pretty cool, eh? (hehe)

Anyway. On October 1st, he received his AARP information. We laughed.

I called him today at work. He received a promotional packet from the US Navy encouraging him to join up!

He wanted to know what a 50 year old man with 'old man butt' (yup, Jim ... you killed him with that one) is going to do in the Navy!


Bad Monkey said...

Two words for Max and his wigwam:

Lophophora williamsii

btw, it should be avoided, but hey I am not in the wigwam...

Diane Muir said...

Well, I had to look that one up - I thought you were kidding me!

Peyote? He needs peyote when he's with me?