Friday, October 24, 2008

Max & Diane's Adventure - Day 8

5:08 am. Really? Go back to sleep.

8:09 am. Really? Wow! Get up and get moving!

9:02 am. Gassing up and ready to head out. My hair is nearly dry after 35 minutes. All moisture just disappears around here.

9:14 am. Dead deer on the side of the road. Max says, "There's your wildlife." I say, "I'm telling them on the blog about this!"

10:00 am. Moab Diner. I've been reading to Max on the trip up here - a book on the geology of the Canyonlands. Yup, that's the kind of geeks we are. I'm a little freaked out that all of this information has escaped me. The Colorado Plateau, based on the Colorado River, is absolutely fascinating! I've never thought too much about this area - in fact, it was pretty much a black hole in my mind. I'm so thankful that we have taken this time to be here. I have a much greater appreciation of the way the world was formed and the power of creation.

The Jeep Jamboree is in Moab this weekend. Max and I weren't invited. Ok, we don't fit in terribly well with the people flowing through here. Extreme athletes. These guys thrive on the wildness of the country - cycling, hiking, climbing, 4-wheeling, ATVs ... nuts!

11:02 am. Big Mesa viewpoint. We're heading for the "Islands in the Sky" district of Canyonlands.

Noon. We're in. I think I'm actually getting used to the grandeur? The tears start, but don't flow now. We stopped at Shafer Canyon for a few snapshots and are now pulled off as Max tries to grasp this grandeur with his camera.

This is such an interesting mix of flat pastureland and deep crevasses.

I love the funky dead trees around here. Great stuff.

More dead brush - how cool is this?

This is called Upheaval Dome.

Green River.

2:44 pm. Leaving Islands in the Sky. Max says to me, "Whatever yo udo, don't look down when you're in the outhouse." Well, duh!

6:12 pm. The sunset lights these formation on fire!

6:38 pm. Sunset pics on the way in to Monticello.

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