Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's a Girl Thing. Or a Diane Thing.

My husband thinks I'm obsessed with bags (purses). He might be right. I am 10 days away from leaving for a vacation and I've decided that I need a purse.

So. It's 2:00 am and I'm at my computer looking through's handbags. At this point, I've scanned over 1200 bags. I have to find just the right one. I've decided that my requirements are insane. I can't find anything.

I don't want a purse shaped like an armadillo (yup, saw it), or a glass of beer (I'm not kidding) or even a Genie's lamp. I'm not that hard to please. Or am I?

Here are my requirements in the middle of the night.

1. Amazon Prime. That means free shipping and it also means that I can have it here by Monday - guaranteed. That's important.
2. Less than $50.00. I'm not interested in doing a 'quick shop' for the purse of my dreams. If I'm going to spend more than $50 for a purse, I want to spend some time dreaming about it (yup, obsessed. Don't harass me.).
3. Lightweight, contemporary looking (no old lady purses for this old lady)
4. Can carry a bunch of stuff. (shut up!)

I know what I want. But, when I find it, it either costs $595.00 or it will take an extra 4 days to process. Hello!!! I'm an internet shopper. I do not have time to wait for you all.

Here's the deal. I'm pretty sure I will find exactly what I want in 3 weeks. I'll click on and they will have it on my front page as a recommendation.

Sigh ... oh well. I think I found something I can tolerate. It's only $19.99 with free shipping. It will be here Monday (oops, maybe Tuesday). I managed to get through another 300 purses before closing this post. Alright, already. I'm obsessed.


nebelle said...

Oh, post a picture! I need a new purse. The kids were mad because I couldn't fit 3 pops, 2 iced coffees and candy in my purse when we went to the movies.

Diane Muir said...

Well, it sounds like you need a bigger purse! Or ... maybe not. Tell them to buy their own purse (hehe). Your eldest tells me that he asks his girlfriend to carry his wallet and keys in her purse. Uh huh!

Here's the bag ...

tlksimpson said...


Go to Canfield's on 84th off Center...I know, trust, they aren't leather -- but I have two bags from there. The company is called Overland Equipment I have this fetish for green bags...they are INCREDIBLE. I have the "donner" and one very similar to the "taos" I use one for a diaper bag and one for a purse love love love 'em!!!

You can call and see if Canfield's has what you want too...I see that their BRIGHT green is an old season...but seriously, these bags have LASTED!!! I think my purse is around 3-4 years old. My requirements are certain easily accessible pockets for keys cell phones and kids stuff. I think the main difference in the bag you have here on amazon is the straps...these bags can be short or long straps.

Ok-- just my two cents...these may not be for you!

Love you --t

tlksimpson said...

Ok...I see the prices are different than the one you are looking at as well...

Can you tell I love bags too!!!

Weird aside, so there is this guy at Olivia's swim lessons...I don't know what these parents do -- they don't work during the day and seem to have alot of money (and tatoos) anyway, he carries a "Man bag" cracks me up!

Diane Muir said...

I spent a bunch of $$ on my laptop bag. Beautiful handmade leather thing (I will be visiting the shop in Santa Fe, whee!). I just wanted to spend a little bit of money in the middle of the night. I'm happy with it for now.

Trust me, though. I WILL be checking out Canfields - never thought of that!

Man bag? At the swimming pool. That makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

That's my girl!

It's shopping, no matter if it's online or in the store. I'm so proud!

from the Queen of Shopping!