Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diane is in big trouble

Well, I put the fear of God into some of my best friend's hearts this morning. It's certainly nice to know you are loved, but it's not fair ... what I did. Fully unintentional.

I'm upstairs - haven't been up all that long. I went to bed last night at 5:00 am (I got a LOT of writing done!), so I turned my phone off. I woke up about 11:20 - 11:30, still wasn't enough sleep, but, oh well. I came upstairs and began sorting through the stuff on my computer. At noon, I heard the back door slam and then heard Max coming through the house. He got to the steps and called my name, "Diane?" "Yes?"

And then he came flying up the steps, stood in the door panting, trying to tell me something - that I was supposed to have been at lunch and when I didn't show up, Julie and Jen worried. Jen tried to call me and then Max tried to call me (of course I heard nothing - remember? the phone is on silent). Everyone was moving this way to ensure I was still alive.

Poor Max. He stood in the doorway of the study as I called Jen to apologize and assure her that I was fine. I actually had emailed Julie in the middle of the night to tell her I was bailing on lunch, but she's afraid it went to her junk mail box. I thought I had ... well, I hadn't. (ok, I did email, but I obviously hadn't taken care of this as well as I should have!)

After the call, I had to hold my poor husband! He began to cry! And then he began to express his fears over losing me and what had happened in his mind. I had to hold the poor man while he regained his sanity.

Here's the deal ... if I'm not where I'm supposed to be and I'm not answering the phone - email me or Facebook me. Within 5 minutes one of those will get to me. When I turned the phone to silent last night, I just KNEW I was going to forget to turn the sound back on when I woke up. I did ... I forgot.

But, mostly ... I'm so sorry! I don't mean to put my friends into a panic. I certainly don't mean to ever scare the life out of my poor husband.

I did have to giggle at him a little ... in his stammering, in a panic vocalizing at me, as he tried to tell me how important I was to him ... he told me I was his only wife. I'm glad about that.

He did realize what he'd said and that it made no sense and was able then to tell me that I was his life. For that, I just needed to hold on and let him know that I was ok and he would be.


Bad Monkey said...

I dearly love that man!

Anonymous said...

The depths of Max's love for you is so wonderful, he truly is God's gift to you isn't he? We both are so very lucky and so greatly blessed!
Love ya girl.