Monday, October 13, 2008

Diane failed at the girl thing.

I thought I would try ... but ... life doesn't always allow for deep thoughts and profound moments.

Right now I'm laughing at myself.

I ordered a new purse last week from Amazon. (It's a Girl Thing. Or a Diane Thing) I've been really excited about it and could hardly wait for it to show up. I was upstairs when my UPS driver showed up at my back door with the box. I gathered up a bunch of stuff that I wanted to take downstairs, let the dog out and brought the box inside.

The box was a bit smaller than I expected, but, it's a canvas bag ... that's fine. I opened it, pulled off the packing material. Hmmm ... this is smaller than I expected, but maybe it's folded in half.

Ummm ... no.

Really! It's cute. (I'm not a 'cute' person).

I removed the stupid coin purse on the front of the purse. But I truly thought that it was a bit bigger than this. This is the picture I based my purchase on. For heaven's sake, is this a mannequin of an 8 year old girl with boobs? Puhleeze!

I've decided to enjoy the purse. It is big enough to hold my wallet, phone, keys AND my Kindle. And really, that's all I need. If anyone tells me this is 'cute,' I might hurl on them. And poor Max will have to suffer through the fact that this is still not the perfect bag.

Wow ... doggone it, I'm going to have keep shopping! And for me ... that's a happy thing.

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Anonymous said...

uh oh...........I believe I used the words "cute" to describe that new purse of yours last night, please forgive me! But really, did you look at it at all, it is CUTE!!!!
Glad to see the OCD on purses has an effect on you like shoes do on me. I love you my friend!