Sunday, October 05, 2008

I don't hang out with druggies

No. Really. I don't!

It was a little startling to me this afternoon to sit beside an obviously drug-addicted young woman in the car at a stoplight. I only noticed because I began to see incredible gesturing as she spoke to the guy in the driver's seat. Everything about her was wrong. She talked and talked, then her body bounced and then her head twitched. She was in her early 30s, yet she had terrible acne and her eyes were darting back and forth. Her hand gestures were odd and continuous.

I'd like to have given her the benefit of the doubt, but he was smoking something that wasn't a cigarette (or even a cigar) and he was just as jittery.

You know ... my heart broke for them. This is a life that is no life.

I was on my way to a rehearsal with 20 young high school women (SingOmaha Choral Concert - next Sunday, October 12, click for more information!). I began to consider their lives as I watched them in rehearsal. I could see girls who would probably be advertising execs, artists and writers, scientists, teachers, moms and anything else they choose to be. All sorts of potential and none of them would ever dream that they might end up in a car on a Sunday afternoon, high and traveling with a scumbag.

All I could do today for the girl in the car beside me was pray for her. I do the same for the girls in Harmonia, but I also get a chance to interact with them. Encouragement, support and a little bit of love - that's what kids need from people like me.

I was a little startled to see a life that was lost at 12:45 in the afternoon in the middle of Millard, Nebraska. I was very thankful to spend time with 20+ lives that have huge futures in front of them for the rest of the afternoon.

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