Saturday, October 11, 2008

Travelogue ... Part Three

I'm obsessed with this trip. I had to take time off from it today to get some writing done for the Pour Out a Blessing blog. But, while I was trying to recuperate from the writing episodes, I designed 2 trips to the East Coast, each of which could take about the same amount of time and would be great fun. I showed them to Max when he got home and he just shook his head.

I must give off the impression that I am an impulsive sort, given to flights of fancy or something like that. My friends don't know how freakin' anal I can be - given the right set of circumstances. This trip has brought out all of my father's trip organizing skills (he was a madman at this stuff). I have a highly detailed list with every item we are going to need - typed out in an organized structure. It's so detailed that there are lines in front of each item so that I can check them off as they enter the container they will travel in. There is another section with the containers that will be checked off as those enter the vehicle.

I do have a sketch of how these containers will go into the Jeep, so that things will be accessible when and where we need them.

There is a full-blown itinerary, complete with hotel information and probable stops along the route. I have been creating my map of the trip in Google maps and have place markers for all of the sights we might want to see along the trip, as well as place markers for each of the hotels. I have a folder sitting beside me on the desk with printouts of hotel confirmations, etc. The Google map will not only be logged into the Garmin GPS, but will be printed out and placed in the travel folder.

I've made reservations at hotels for the entire trip except the last two nights. Max and I still aren't sure whether we're heading home via I-76 to I-80 out of Denver, or whether we'll head up I-25 to Cheyenne.

The first part of the trip is going to be insane. Lots of sightseeing along Route 66. The Grand Canyon will be the turning point. After that we are heading to Monticello, UT and will spend three nights there. We'll roam the area - I actually have no place markers for these three days. Everything will slow down, we will relax and Max will have plenty of time to shoot photographs. These are the days I'm most looking forward to. The insanity of travel will be complete and we'll get a chance to experience the wonder and majesty of God's creation.

A friend asked if I would post a travel blog with photos. Yup ... I think that every hotel we will be staying in has internet access (can you imagine I would choose anything else? Well, I almost did.). I suspect we will experience everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I can't wait.


tlksimpson said... are the oddest mix of anal retention and laid-back-ness...I've seen this of you in various settings.....But I think I am the same way at seem together and calm on the outside AND THANK GOD people can't see what is going on inside!!!

Oh, hey -- remember to ENJOY this trip as well....Expectations ALWAYS ruin things....let them go and be open to any thing. I know, by being planned ahead of time you can enjoy the trip...

When do you leave again?

Diane Muir said...

Yes ... never telling people everything that is happening on the inside is the safest way for THEM to live!

The only expectation I take with me on this trip is 10 days with my husband and my dog. Ok, I expect a little insanity and then maybe some relaxation in Utah. I also hope to make it to the hotels I've reserved (hehe). But, after that - it's just time to be away with Max. That's plenty for me.

Bad Monkey said...

You might consider heading through cheyene, once you get past ft collins, the trip is very nice.