Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random. Again.

I've been sitting at my desk with the door open. Freezing! It's time to shut the door. I'm not ready to put the glass insert (instead of the screen door insert) in yet. I sat and suffered until I finally decided that I only needed so much shivering.

Leica is still downstairs. Ichabod has planted himself on a step towards the bottom and she is too afraid to run past him. I could intervene and rout him, but it's entertaining to me. (evil Diane)

I like how I take care of myself, even years down the road. See, I know that I'm a forgetful person, so sometimes I find a way to help my memory. Years ago I started crocheting an afghan, but didn't finish it (crochet the squares together, etc.) A couple of weeks ago, I decided this was the year to finish it. I had two more square to make and easily figured out the pattern I had used. Except, it wasn't right! I used the crochet hook that the yarn wrapper recommended. The square was too big. Blast. So, I set it aside.

I was going to toss out the bag that had stored this project and as I folded it up, I discovered there was another crochet hook buried in the bag. A ha! This must be the correct hook. See. I took care of myself years ago. Either that or I had just been too lazy to find the bag of needles to put the hook away properly.

My brother is writing again. I don't know how long this is going to last (hehe - sorry, Jim!). But, he's good! You need to read his stuff. Check him out at novelcoder.blogspot.com. I love to write fiction, but I love to read it even more and I'm enjoying his stuff.

I've been reading a lot of fiction lately and quite recently, I've been reading a lot of vampire fiction. As I thought about it, it occurs to me that the reason this stuff is so popular and the reason there is so much supernatural stuff happening on television is that we are looking for the world to be something 'more' than it is. We are tired of terrorism and the lousy, mundane world that we live in. We all want to be 'super' in some way or other and we want life to be so much more than working, eating and sleeping.

I have many opinions and thoughts about all of this. For instance, if life on earth were so fabulous, none of us would ever want to go to heaven. I mean, we fight death as it is! But, the fun stuff? That's where it's going to be! And ... this is one of the reasons for so much apocalyptic thinking that occurs. When things get bad, people begin assuming that God is going to return immediately! Now, I believe in the return of the Messiah, but I also believe that He is coming on His own terms.

When Jesus came the first time, the vast majority of the world had no idea that it was upon them. A very few read the signs correctly. Paul tells us in I Thessalonians that no one will know. Jesus even told us that only the Father knew when it would occur.

I enjoy the fiction for what it is ... fiction. It's fun to imagine, but imagination comes from our own creative minds. Never believe that our imagination can describe what God has planned.

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