Thursday, October 16, 2008

Travelogue - Part 4

It's 6 am on Thursday. We don't actually leave until Friday afternoon. But, there's a lot of anticipation around here. Remember. We haven't done this before as a couple.

Max is heading into work early today and tomorrow so that he can get home and do whatever to get us ready to get out of here. Funny thing? We're only driving 3 1/2 hours tomorrow night. HAH. That's awesome.

I'll wrap everything up today - I have some cleaning to do and some final things to get into containers/bags. I'm taking a bunch of blankets and pillows. Because I can! Gotta figure out which ones are going. We'll totally pack the vehicle tonight - except for the cameras and anything else that's worth anything. If someone steals the car, though ... I'm seriously SOL. All of our clothes will be in there! (hehe) Yup, we own about 10 days worth of clothing. That's it.

I need to get several more days' studies written for the Pour Out a Blessing blog. I don't want to mess that up while I'm traipsing around.

Max started running a fever last night. He took a nap when he got home from work and then came into the studied and shivered for awhile (I made him put on a sweatshirt - the house was cold!). He went to bed early to try to drive it away. And then, proceeded to tell me that this happened to him every time he went on a trip. I've heard all about his trips before, but never this part! If I would have been his mother, I'd have killed him! No getting deathly ill before leaving. He managed to be sick the first couple of days of every vacation they took. Guhreat. Maybe I'll just leave him home. (ummm ... yah ... sure).

Hehe - Leica is running back and forth from the study to the bedroom - that outta wake him up this morning! It's time to ask how he's doing. Yea! He's doing better.

As soon as he's gone, I'm going to grab another couple hours of sleep and then get started.

Off we go, into the wild, blue yonder ...

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