Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pooped Out

Yes, I'm still awake - but I won't be after I send the Pour Out a Blessing blogpost off (midnight). I had a wonderful day, but it wore me out! That's what happens when 1) you have no more stress in your life and 2) you have no more stress in your life. When stress comes, it wears your butt out!

Today was good stress. SingOmaha ( had fall concerts today. Mid-afternoon concert for Sono Via (K-6) with Harmonia (9-12 girls) and evening concert with Harmonia and Canticum (adult choir). I played for all groups and thought I'm never terribly worried about things, I always build a sense of fear and anticipation into myself. It makes me concentrate.

The concerts were fabulous and if you weren't there, you really missed something. I'm just saying. Mark your calendar for the Christmas concert - December 7th. It will also be held at Faith-Westwood.

After the evening concert, my family hooked up at Famous Dave's. We are an absolute riot! I can not imagine having more fun with any other group of people. The kids are old enough to totally participate in the action. We run at 'no holds barred.' Ok, I take that back. It's always very loving and always respectful. I'm glad that we have this going on in our lives. The safest place to be is with people that you totally trust and let me tell you, if you can trust your family - they know EVERYTHING about you.

I was very excited that Matt (my nephew) was able to join SingOmaha this fall. It's been wonderful having him go to rehearsal with me every week. He had a great experience at the concert this evening and it was awesome that his whole family could be there too. He even got a chance to see his girlfriend.

So ... it's only 11:45. I have another 15 minutes before the pumpkin returns to take me to Neverland (yup, mixed my movies there ... deal).

Maybe I'll be a little more pithy tomorrow.


Bad Monkey said...

"though" -- waited years for that

Diane Muir said...

Sheesh - I could NOT figure out what you were telling me! I had to re-read the stupid blog twice to find the typo! Ah ha! Whoops.