Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Day Away from Home

Max and I took off this afternoon for a long drive through Iowa. It's a wonderful thing to do on a beautiful day. We pack the dog, stuff for me, and Max's camera. The main goal is for Max to find interesting things to shoot. Secondary goal is to hang out together. Both of those were met today.

Max thought he needed to get some practice in before we head to Arizona in a couple of weeks. Uh huh. Whatever. He has been taking pictures since he was in Junior High. I'm betting he knows what he is doing at this point. It cracks me up when he feels the need to justify a trip like this. I'm always thrilled to get in the car with him and drive to wherever we end up.

Today was a little weird, though. He was in the driver's seat when I got to the vehicle. I always drive on these trips. That way he can keep his eyes open for the interesting shot and I can get him as close as possible to it. I'll be honest with you - he didn't stop in as many places as we usually do - I'm much better at this. He'll learn, he'll learn.

Some cool things that were of no consequence, but made me happy:
Gas - $3.06/gallon
Arby's - Mac & Cheezers (Oh my goodness, these rock so much)
Biker bars in small town Iowa.
Hardee's in Denison, Iowa is also a Mexican grocery.
"Honk for the Hawkeyes" 4' x 8' plywood sign on a farm in Iowa. (I honked)
Bathrooms when they are necessary
Friendly farmers on the backroads and in the fields. Everyone waves.
Fields in the middle of harvest - gorgeous!

It was a good day.

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