Friday, January 09, 2009

Coming of Age ... and Beyond

It was one thing when I had to put up with the fact that my new pastor was now going to be younger than me. I learned to deal with that. I wasn't happy about it, but ok, I'm getting a little older. For Max, it was baseball players that were all younger than him.

However, NOW I have to deal with the idea that the President of the United States is 2 years younger than me! That's just painful.

The New York Daily News has a slideshow of the hotties that will be working with Barack Obama. Ummm ... that is just wrong! Who looks at cabinet members that way? And I'm totally uncomfortable looking at our future president in swim trunks and thinking that he's hot! Sort of like I was very uncomfortable thinking about the fact that my mother saw my father as a hottie when she met him and wanted to marry him. These things are not supposed to happen in my head.

So, I quickly turned aside to another slideshow of the cutest things on earth - and none of them are homo sapiens. Whew! Now, that one you HAVE to check out ... it swoops you into the cute zone.

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