Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day fun!?

It's New Year's Day and football is ON! Max and I chose to not have a television in our house, but that doesn't mean we don't have access to the medium. Max has an amazing HD monitor, so he can watch his sports shows. And when he's bored with a game, he just clicks it over to the monitor and reads his weird stuff online.

Towards the end of the Nebraska game, I decided to mess with one of his stocking gifts from Janet. It began to annoy me. It's a 16 piece puzzle, but there are only about 6 different sides. The pieces can go together in any number of ways, but it only works one way. The age says 10 to adult. I'm the adult. This shouldn't be hard.

Great. I have 15 of 16 pieces in place. Do I have to tear the whole thing apart to get this to work? I was feeling darned proud of my spacial perception ... until I got to this point.

Success! Only one piece was out of place. I turned away to watch the end of the game (Nebraska/Clemson) and when I looked at it again, I saw the solution. The best part? I have the solution in photographic form now. I'll never lose again.

I remember learning the solution (s) to the Rubik's cube. I no longer have them memorized, but when I did, I could put that cube into order in no time flat! Honestly, I looked up the solution online once when I had another cube in my hand and my fingers remember the patterns of twisting and turning better than I did. Hah ... that's how I used to memorize my piano solos for high school music contests. I would get those songs so ingrained in my fingers that they would operate the patterns without my brain being fully engaged. That way I could practice so that mom and dad would leave me alone, but all the while I would have a book open on the stand in front of me.

Max just asked me how I liked using my fancy point and shoot camera. Ummm ... whoops! Am I supposed to be showing it more respect because it's an SLR? *giggle* Yes, I do enjoy having a camera again, even if there is no way that I comprehend all of the things that it can do.

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