Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's weird

It's 4:30 am and I almost didn't post because I figured it would stress some of my friends out to see that I was still awake at this hour. HAH. What a riot. I used to be careful of posting while I was at work because I didn't want to stress out my supervisors. Good heavens. I'm an old lady and I can write when I want to write.

Speaking of writing. I've been reading some books - pure bubble-gum garbage. And I'll be honest. These books were awful! The writing was hideous, the dialogue was incredibly obvious. There always seemed to be a phrase that would cross the page turn and I could predict everything the author was going to write. Awful!

You see, I'm more than tolerant of a mediocre book. Once I get enveloped in the story, I set aside the actual writing and just flow with the story. I enjoy it immensely. So, I started to wonder if I would actually be able to identify 'bad' writing. Well, I've discovered that I can. The worst thing ... I was enjoying getting to know some of the characters. But, every time I turned a page, I would mutter something to myself about how terrible the writing was. I decided I could live without this series. I also decided that if this is the crap that publishers are putting out, why in the world is it so difficult for good authors to get published? I've looked at this woman's webpage, she's not giving anyone special favors - that's for sure!

Just another in the line of "I don't get it."

However, these little books have stirred me into knitting again. I'm about 75% finished with a Christmas afghan. How about that? We'll hope that I can finish it before I lose this seasonal desire ot knit. I'm closer than I have been, so that's pretty exciting! I have a bunch of fun yarns to whip up some scarves, but I refuse to start another project until this one is complete. Yikes.

I've taken my Nyquil and should start nodding off at any moment.

Oh, and no I'm not one of those that will publicly bash an author in my blog. See, I don't do public critiques well - unless someone has done a great job. I guess I will always have my mother speaking into my heart, "If you can't say something nice about someone, say nothing at all." The poor woman that has written these awful books is proud of her work - I'm certainly in no position to criticize her for things that are making her money. Good for her ... I'm also not planning to ensure any more of my funds get to her pocket, though!

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