Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not your mama's music

Well, that's not true either, but I had to laugh tonight. I went to McKenna's (74th & Pacific) to hear Thousand Houses. Love the music, the guys are really quite talented.

Carol, Alison and Lynne all came out to eat supper with us and hear the band. And then ... left! before the show was over, because they were all tired. Are you kidding me with this? We're older than all of you and it's a Friday night! Wimps.

Yes, that is the problem with old folks like us hearing local bands. The show doesn't start until most of us (you) are in bed (9 pm or after).

So, why hasn't that changed with the aging of the baby boomers? Don't you think they ought to start the shows at 6 pm or something? We can eat at the normal dinner time for oldsters (4:30 - 5 pm) and then listen to our favorite bands before we toddle on home and go to bed.

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