Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I never would have believed it

I discovered another friend on Facebook this weekend and I got a little emotional about it!

I've moved quite a bit in my life and met many people over the years. When I move away from a community, I always expect to lose contact with a good percentage of people and I've learned that is part of the transience of life.

It is incredible to me that social networking sites are changing that landscape of my life! Sharon and I were never close friends, but we were comfortable friends. Her father sang in choir and was our high school principal. She was in youth group with me, graduated with me, we went on a lot of summer trips together.

She left a long message on my wall about what has been happening in her world since we graduated and I just could not believe that I was connecting to her again. I assumed that I would never know any more about her.

Rather than isolating us - as experts worried - the computer has given me a chance to re-connect with old friends, stay connected to current friends and begin connections with new friends.

This just makes my life amazing! I can't wait for another day and another chance to see what happens next!

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