Thursday, January 22, 2009

No, I'm not going to!

I have a splinter in my toe. It did not come out when I pulled the piece that was sticking out. I really got it in there ... like 1/4" or so. It's just under the skin, so I can see the damned thing. But, when I try to get to it, it hurts like heck!

So. It's going to stay there for right now. Stupid toe.

My father used to tell me that we could cut it out at the ankle. I didn't like having him remove splinters. Hmmm ... that's weird. Did I really have that many splinters in my toes that he said it often enough for me to remember that? Must've.

Nope. Not dealing with it tonight.

Oh. And my sweet husband refuses to do it because he doesn't want to hurt me. Rats.


tlksimpson said...

It's a dad thing....mine always grabbed a big knife and came at me. Amazingly I'm really not scarred (emotionally)!

Fran said...

It must be a Dad thing, mine used to bring out his old hunting knife that he carried in his pocket.

Bad Dads!

Bring your toe on over and I'll dig it out. I'm good a getting splinters!

Diane Muir said...

Wow. Dads are awful! That's hilarious. And Fran, if I don't get the stinkin' thing out of there, you're up!