Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Middle of the night randomness

It's 3 am ... I've been cleaning and straightening in the Study. I've always wanted to have a study. Dad did. It was the coolest place. Walls filled with books, his desk was a wonderful desk and he was always working on something there, whether writing his journal, his sermon, every other thing. When I was growing up, mom always sent us to find dad for lunch or whatever by telling us to look for him in his study. It seemed like a perfect place for me. His typewriter was on a pullout shelf from the desk on whichever side of the desk was against a wall. In the bottom left drawer (bottom right drawers were always file cabinet drawers) was a can of hard candy, just waiting for kids to show up.

I have a lot of cleaning and eliminating and changing and redecorating to get this room to 'study' status. Anyone want a huge bunch of photography books? I need to find a good home for all of Max's darkroom and photography books. I can NOT just give these to Goodwill.

Once I get them dealt with, I can get rid of the metal bookcase in this room and bring this beautiful bookshelf in that my brother made for me. Last resort will be boxing them up and taking them to the storage unit.

Now, why in the world are all of these Christmas advertisements on television? They can't be this screwed up ... oh, duh. Watching DVRd shows. Whoops!

I'm hauling things up and down the stairs - trying like mad to not make noise and wake up Leica and Max. Putting things in bags to give to Carol and Jim - must eliminate the excess, bagging up trash - my goodness but two people can create trash!

Writing the Pour Out a Blessing blog is freaking me out. I have to type the date in the posting options every day and I just watch months get chewed up and flee away. This always happens to me about this time each year. I realize just how quickly the next year is going to go by and I get a little stressed.

I just finished reading the Harry Potter books ... all of them ... in 4 days. Good heavens, I was barely functioning in life! It was pretty wonderful and it was fun to live in that world again. I'm glad to be finished with them now, at least I can come out into the real world and get some things done! Yikes! Have I mentioned lately that I love my Kindle?

I read Beth Moore's blog and she challenged all of the people reading to memorize scripture in 2009. If she is going to encourage me and give me tips on how to do this, I'm definitely going to make a last-ditch attempt at it. My first verse of the year is my resolution for the year: "For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified" 1 Cor. 2:2.

Memorizing scripture is just nearly impossible for me and I generally feel like a complete failure at it. I'm hoping this time I can actually make some headway. So far I get the different phrase parts of the scripture verse messed up and end up feeling stupid. "For I resolved (for I have resolved? no, Diane) while I was with you (no, that comes later you moron) ... " See how I am? Oh, I have until the 15th to get this thing anchored in my brain, I'll get there!

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