Thursday, January 15, 2009

Max shoots Leica

And he does it so much better than I do.

Same dog, same space, and the man kicks my butt when it comes to taking a simple picture of a dog. Oh well ... I'm just glad that he's my husband and I get to take advantage of his talent.

He's using his rented lens and loves what can happen - it gives him great focus on what he chooses and then drops out everything else. How beautiful is this? So, I have 14 days of him playing with this fun lens.


Anonymous said...

So, will he take pictures of my kids, too? (eeevil giggle)

Fran said...

AP beat me to it!

Here I was being selfish and thinking about Christmas cards for next year!

Beautiful dog, beautiful pictures!
Love ya all,

Diane Muir said...

Amy ... no. and put that evil giggle back where it belongs.

Fran ... your kids. Yes. It's humans he doesn't enjoy shooting.