Monday, December 29, 2008

Again with the random

That's the adorable lamb that Janet gave to me for Christmas. Yup, it's quite fuzzy and soft.

Ok, now. Here's what is weird with this picture. Max shot it with my camera. I had pulled the camera out to take a nice little picture so I could post it. I did. And then, I smelled something funny on the camera. Something electrical. I knew that wasn't right. So, I asked Max about it. He pulled the battery out, pulled the lens off, and then put things back together (with a different battery) and started snapping shots off just to ensure that the problem didn't occur again. The picture that he shot just to check out the camera is better than the one I composed. Sheesh. It's enough to give a girl a complex!

Speaking of Max's pictures. He has posted on his Flickr account all of the pictures he shot at Mick's of Thousand Houses on Saturday night. Check 'em out.


It's after 3 am and I'm still awake. It could have something to do with the nap I took this afternoon, or the large glasses of iced tea I drank at Shuck's Oyster House or any number of reasons, but I am still awake. I watched the entire Matrix Trilogy this weekend. I don't care what you say, I really do like it. I intended to read a magazine while I was watching Matrix: Revolutions tonight, but I got caught up in the movie and couldn't multi-task. Well, that's not necessarily true, but I wasn't able to concentrate on the magazine. I played games and messed on the internet while it was playing, but at least I was trying to pay attention to the dialogue.


Now, I'm reading the magazine. Wired. The first time I read this magazine was its premier issue. I was pretty excited about it. All of the new and exciting stuff that was happening in the 'geek world' and I could find out about it. After a few years, it became more and more mundane and then, it was available online. So, I cancelled my subscription. has it as a premium for ordering stuff - free subscription. Ok. I'll try it again. Sometimes it makes my head hurt. The editors and layout artists toss out all of the basics of design. Numerous fonts on a page, sizes change up all of a sudden ... all sorts of things are gone. But, you can always find nuggets of fun.

Like this on page 19 of the December 2008 issue: (I didn't get very far into the magazine)

"Re: Ice & Isotopes

The thermodynamics of soda is oddly important to our readers: In response to October's analysis of the ideal ice-to-Coke ratio, the mail poured in. Ice, some said, is a rip-off—so much tragic beverage displacement and dilution. "Why pay for entropied water?" you cried. Well, sometimes it's necessary, noted a few: Many locations amp up their dispensers' syrup-to-water ratio, so you have to add ice for your cola to taste right. To the raging dilution dispute, add the enrichment argument: Readers of our Smart List split over the feasibility of laser isotope separation of nuclear material. The process is a cinch for evildoers, right? Not necessarily, came the reply. If it were that easy, we'd be vaporized by now. Well, while you're waiting for such terminal entropy, how about a nice, frosty Coke?"

The thing is? I have a friend that gets really passionate about his ice-to-soda ratio. But, this is why I love the magazine. All sorts of interesting, not terribly important to me, information.


It is now 3:42 am and I am still awake. I got caught up in an article online and then started reading the magazine and by golly, I'm can tell I'm not getting up early tomorrow!

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