Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Cards

I got my first Christmas card in the mail today.

I'm just glad that I have my Christmas cards in the house. They're not addressed, they're not stamped, I haven't written any notes on them. But, they're in the house. This is doing better than I have in the past few years! That was just one of those things that went by the wayside when I got busy. It also didn't help that Max and I had set up an impossible goal for ourselves in the early years of our marriage. The poor man spent hours in the darkroom producing 5-7 prints for our Christmas cards!

People complain about the lack of personalization when Christmas letters come out. Max complains about the letter writer - writing in the third person, his mother complained about the excessive bragging by parents and grandparents (if all of the Christmas letters were true, then everyone should be a successful, brilliant millionaire). But, I have always loved them. When I owned Insty-Prints, I enjoyed typesetting the Christmas letters, they were a peek inside the lives of my customers. Sometimes I knew people they knew, sometimes I just liked seeing how other parts of their lives made them happy.

I always enjoyed writing Christmas letters - it was a great way to wrap up the year. To look back and find myself thankful over all that had happened, even when some of it was a bit grim or unsettling.

Because of my lack of writing the last several years, I've lost contact with some of our old friends. I no longer have current addresses and in some cases, I'm not even sure if they're still alive. But, I will do what I can and try to restore some sense of contact with friends and family.

Send me your Christmas letter ... I love reading them. I love knowing what has been exciting in your life. I love that digital photography makes pictures so much easier to transmit. I love it all!

And now ... I suppose I could at least begin addressing some of these cards. As for my Christmas letter, I think I'll blog it this year. Maybe New Year's Eve will be a good day for a look back at a wonderful year.

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