Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random thoughs on a Sunday morning

I have a purple stamp on my hand. Now, while I suppose that this is a good thing in that it proves I actually left the house after 6:00 pm, it is driving me crazy! I keep seeing it every time I look at my hand. I have washed my hands several times, each time scrubbing away at the purple image of a guitar's headstock. Alas, while it has faded, it's not going away.

Accepting the stamp was the only way I could get in to see Thousand Houses last night, so I did. I'm not sure of the purpose of the thing, though. Is it so I can go back outside and smoke at regular intervals throughout the evening? I don't want to do that anyway. Is it so that I am identified as old enough to drink? Puhleeze, take a look at me. If you have to card me, I don't need a drink that badly. I suppose the people younger than me are proud of their club stamps, but me? Not so much. I've got to figure out how to quit paying attention to PURPLE, PURPLE, PURPLE! Screaming at me from the top of my hand.


We have pretty much unpacked all of our Christmas gifts. I am a fortunate woman and got many wonderful gifts. I'm also not a stupid woman and won't list them all here. But, I got one that made my eyes glisten with tears and it was not a primary gift! Janet gave me an adorable plush, stuffed lamb.

She has no idea, but one of my favorite images is that of the lion and lamb together. When I was young, mom talked about the lion and the lamb, but she was fully aware that the Peaceable Kingdom spoken of in Isaiah 11:6 and Isaiah 65:25 paired the wolf and the lamb both times (however there was a lion in the picture as well). When you get to Revelation 5, Jesus is referred to as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and comes forth as a Lamb.

There are few commercial images that I love ... this is one of them. Consequently, I got a little teary.


I love receiving gifts at Christmas, but more than anything, I love giving gifts. This has been a wonderful year. For the first time in many years, I actually had time to process on the gifts that I wanted to give my family, especially my husband. I knew that there was one gift he was going to love! It was such a weird and strange thing, but I couldn't wait to see him open the package.

A month or so ago, I read Wil Wheaton's tweet (Twitter) about "Night Flight" videos being made available. I couldn't believe it! He referenced a guy's website and I took off to find it. Why yes! KC Texan has a 23-disk set of Night Flight episodes. I've lived with Max long enough to know that this would be something he might really enjoy. I emailed the guy and we had a wonderful conversation back and forth. I ordered the set and could barely contain myself while waiting for Christmas to get here. It was all I could do not to just hand Max the gift and have the anticipation over with.

But, the wait was worth it. He responded with as much glee as I had hoped for and he's been giggling at laughing and pointing things out to me in the background since we got home. I love that.


Alright - enough for this post. I might have a few random posts in me today.

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