Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Follies

Janet and Jim left the building for a quick trip, so that gave Carol and Emma a few minutes to wrap some last minute gifts. Scurry, scurry - two elves in a hurry!

The beginning of "The Festival of Food." Jim made a fabulous lasagna and we began the experience.

Jacob and Chester with Carol besides. This beautiful Vizsla gets picked on by the kids, but he loves 'em just the same.

Janet did find the gift that she was looking for - and it's time to open the first gift of Christmas!

Who else but Emma gets to open the gift? She was working hard on a last minute paper for school, but took a few minutes to get this opened - Wii Outdoor Challenge.

Jake and Matthew, however are the first ones to try it. They tried to do this in 'teamwork' mode and it got a little hilarious! Especially as they had to lean into the curves ... go THIS way, no THAT way. Jump! Together! Awesome.

Jim is going to show 'em how to do it. You know, he just doesn't pull any punches - he'll beat his kids any chance he gets - there is no small amount of competition in this family.

Leica found a nice space to escape ... but only for a minute.

And the photographer took a beautiful picture of the tree. I don't think he realized that he caught himself in the Christmas ornament!

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