Sunday, December 07, 2008


My husband sits behind me at his desk listening to music in his headphones. BeeGees. The worst thing - I can hear through the phones and I'm trying to sing harmony to barely heard melodies. Fortunately I know most of the songs, so I'm not making a fool of myself. Aw heck, no one can hear me, so I guess I am really not making a fool of myself at all! Quit worrying so much, Diane.

You see, I had a terrible experience at an outdoor concert once, long ago. It was probably the horrendous Chicago concert - the one where they played for about 15 minutes, left the stage and never came back. But, as I was enjoying myself in the stadium at Rosenblatt, singing along to the songs I knew so well, the guy in front of me turned around and told me to quit singing harmony.

What? What? I was so shocked, I shut my mouth. My friends were shocked and decided to fix his caboose. They just sang out of tune. I'll bet he was happier when I was singing harmony.

I suppose I could ask Max to play this over the speakers, but he seems to be happy ...

I read an interesting trilogy of books yesterday. It was actually pretty good. "Uglies," "Pretties," and "Specials." These stories of Tally Youngblood tell of a distant earth future where every 16 year old is transformed into a 'pretty.' Anthropologists have determined what the most appealing look is and everyone is surgically transformed to be similar to that look. It's a fascinating look at a possible outcome of our culture's drive to mediocrity. Good stuff - written for a young adult audience, but I enjoyed his writing (Scott Westerfield).

I went back to an old standard and am reading the Dune series right now. I told Max that I'm not sure how long it's been since I've actually read the novels. I've seen all the iterations of the video / movies of this. Frank Herbert's writing is so intricate, no one has been able to do justice to it. They've tried, but you just can't put on film the hidden layers of this story. So ... I'm back to reading it again. I love it.

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Cayla said...

i love that you were singing harmonies!!! and i LOVE that your friends sang off-key on purpose to annoy the cranky! :) awesome!!!
you are great.