Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Reading

I just put 5 books out to my Kindle.

Two werewolf novels by Patricia Briggs, He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen and Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.

The fifth book? Well, it's being written by my brother and rather than hang out at my desk to read it tonight, I converted it to the Kindle and will be able to crawl underneath the covers and read it there! How cool is that?

I do have the strangest taste in books. But, honestly, I can't imagine anything more fun that picking up books in as many different genres as possible.

It's very cold in Nebraska right now. Leica is not yet refusing to go outside, but she comes dashing back to the warmth of her bed and blanket as soon as possible! Max has had to rescue the flying trash cans only once so far. Actually, at this point, he will probably refuse to do a second rescue. They can have our trash and they can have the cans. We'll buy new ones. He's not looking forward to heading out in the morning. I still can't believe that OPS hasn't closed school for tomorrow. Why in the world would they expect small children to be outside in this stuff? Oh well ... not my job and maybe before too long, the decision will be made. I'm not staying up to wait for it, though.

I'm pretty much ready to mail my Christmas cards now and I'm just waiting for the mailman to bring the stamps. I don't have some addresses I really thought I had in my contacts list. That's weird. And you aren't listed in the online phonebook either! That doesn't make me happy (hehe). But, I'll find you ... it's just one of those things.

Listening to the wind raging outside the house is getting old. I think it's about time to head for the warmth of a bed, surround myself with some blankets, a warm dog, a cat and a husband. I know, I know ... it's really early for me, but sheesh! It seems like the safest place possible right now!

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