Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas with the Greenwoods

We're all gathered, and we each have our things that we do... Carol has stolen my chair. Leica and I sit here together and she refuses to release it to us. Ahhh ... but, she'll get hers.

Yup, there are geeks and their toys. Max is glad to have his new camera.

We are a little afraid of Janet ... she's a bit of a dork. I just called her "Queen Geek." She is taking pictures of her family on computers - saying that she has to put up with a family of geeks ... uh huh ... she raised 'em!

In that picture, she is searching for a specific gift that she wants to give the kids on Christmas eve ... it's lost ... or at least it's hiding under the pile of gifts.

Jacob has been trying to hide from the cameras, but at some point, I just win.

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