Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

'Twas the night before Christmas
First one in the home.
The family would be here
E'en Max, the old gnome

Uncs and Aunts pulled in late
Had to sing for the Lord,
But the family stayed up
Excited, but bored.

Dad said, "Go to sleep,
the morn will come quicker."
'Twas hard to get settled
Lights went down to a flicker.

Two souls couldn't do it,
Too excited to bother
A family of goofballs, had
missed being together.

Matthew and Diane
stayed up through the night.
And were ever so thankful
to see first morning light.

They tried and they tried
to sleep in their seat,
yet the thrill of the season
made that too great a feat.

"I'm too excited to sleep,"
said the boy as he held
his Aunt's hand in darkness
Her heart it so thrilled.

So up in the morning
came the patter of feet,
Emma, Jake, Jim and Janet
Carol tossing off sleep.

The gnome, yes that's Max
Grandpa Frank & Priscilla
made a Christmas of memories
in that freshly built villa.

It's many years later,
the memories will stay
A family of goofballs
Finds love every day.

Christmas 2008


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Merry Christmas!!

Bad Monkey said...

aww, very nice, that will be a cool legacy for us all