Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Greenwood Christmas

Christmas morning - 7 am. Barely a soul was stirring, but it didn't take long! Stockings were opened first as everyone crawled into the room.

Jake & Carol pose as Santa's helpers. You'd appreciate Jake's hat - it's Victoria's Secret pink!

Emma was under the tree ensuring that every last gift was pulled out and given to its recipient! She ended up with tinsel on her bum!

Jake had a wonderful Christmas. Everything was geared to his desire to ... well ... we're not sure, but chemistry is a lot of fun. They even got him the lab coat along with a lot of chemicals and supplies. He's in the garage. It's one thing to blow an end off the house rather than the basement underneath the house.

Emma was surprised with a new phone. She has to wait until tomorrow to get to the Alltel store and transfer everything from the old phone. But, the excitement was great! She screamed. We held our hands over our ears.

The competition of the cameras. This was one well-documented Christmas holiday.

After gifts, came the amazing breakfast. Jim is cooking ... Carol is helping.

And after breakfast - came dinner. Turkey, ham, Jim's famous gravy is cooking away in the pot.

Then comes cleanup ... Carol promised to debone the turkey and discovered what a hideousprojct that was. For every picture we have of her doing that, there is a different facial expression - all a form of a grimace.

Jim has offended Emma in some awful way.

Merry Christmas! It's been a lot of fun - we are not a quiet family, but we definitely have a good time together.

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