Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Such a Small World

Nice little family picture, eh? Well, it was taken by a photographer working for the Oskaloosa Daily Herald (Iowa) in November of 1961. That's me, sitting on mom's lap. I love the poses. Dad with his camera and mom with a book. Like she would EVER sit down to read a book to me dressed up with her pearls and lipstick.

Yesterday I figured that it might be fun to try to track down the article that went with this photo, so I called the Oskaloosa Herald. They directed me to the Oskaloosa library. I found the website and discovered that they have a volunteer genealogist who will do the work in the microfiche library for a small fee.

I sent an email right out with vague details and today I received a response. I read through the email and started thinking through the process and what I needed to do next. Then I read the name at the end of the email and promptly burst into tears. I had to contain myself because Max was in the room and then I had to explain myself to him because I didn't want him to think something terrible had happened.

The genealogist was the woman who had been the Dean of the Music Department at William Penn College while I was there and who was also my piano teacher there. I loved her. She loved me. It was painful for me to leave her, I was learning so much from her. I haven't seen her or spoken with her since the late 70s or early 80s and now, because of one photograph that I have scanned, I have reconnected with a woman who meant a lot to me.

It still makes me a bit emotional.


Tena said...

Things like that are no coincidence. :) What a special blessing!

Anonymous said...

God is so amazing! I'm very happy that you have had this happen in your world - enjoy it!

Fran said...

How awesome to connect again after all these years. Enjoy reconnecting with your friend and mentor!