Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Lifetime of Memories

I've spent the last day working through one of many old scrapbooks. It's filled with pictures of children, a growing family and memories. I feel a little chagrined, but I suspect it's endemic of every first-born child. There are TONS of photos of me as a baby. Maybe as I go through the family albums and boxes of photos I will find multiples of Carol and Jim's baby pictures, but I doubt it. My grandfather (Mac McFarlane) was an amateur photographer and I seemed to be a perfect subject for his passion. Consequently, if there was one, there were several photos taken (and kept) every time he brought his camera out.

I've uploaded some of the pictures to Facebook, but by no means is it a large percentage of what I've worked through. It's just a very small sampling and I generally uploaded pictures that included people other than myself.

There is an entire series of these:

and these: (how many naked baby pictures in a pool do you need?)

I'm messing with the photographer in these:

and then a series of these!

But, there are some treasures for me like this one,

and this one.

Now, I just have to figure out what I'm going to do about displaying these innumerable photos once I get them all scanned!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Diane!!

These are precious - too, too, sweet. What a treasure you have!!


Fran said...

How wonderful, thank you so much for sharing - what great memories for you, Carol and Jim.