Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts

Ok, I'm reading an anthology called "Wolfsbane and Mistletoe." 14 authors have put together a fun book of stories all about werewolves and Christmas. The headline author is Charlaine Harris, whose Sookie Stackhouse books inspired the HBO series "Trueblood." I love her stuff and have enjoyed every story that I've read so far in the anthology.

But, when I read this opening paragraph to Kat Richardson's story, I just howled with laughter!

" 'Twas the night before Christmas - well, the late afternoon, in fact, but who could tell at the North Pole in the middle of winter - and Matthias the werewolf was knee-deep in reindeer guts. Really, it was the deer's own fault for having that glowing red nose that had made it ever so easy to pick him out in the gloom."

Now, THAT's a way to get my attention. Killing Rudolph and with imagery so awesome as 'knee-deep in reindeer guts'? Oh yah ... this makes for some fun reading.

I will tell you that I've been reading some pretty wild fiction lately. Great stuff - a couple of series based on humanity crashing in on itself and what the world looks like after that happens. I've been re-reading some of my favorites. I started the Harry Potter series again. You know, it's still as good as I remember it.

The only problem with reading fantasy / sci fi fiction is that it really does a number on my dreamlife. I have the best time in my dreams. There is always something fun going on, or something frightening, or exciting. I have the best dreams.

This morning, though, there were cockroaches at one point in my dreams and this is the email I sent to my brother when I woke up and got my head together:

I would appreciate it, if when I ask you to get the large cockroach with big, hairy legs, you don't hide in the bathtub.

He wasn't much help in my dream, but I'm pretty sure that after that email, he'll be glad to help me out the next time!

I'm back to reading now. The other problem with these anthologies is that I've just discovered a whole slew of new writers with more characters and locales for me to get interested in. I can hardly wait!


Diane Muir said...

Santa Claus. "As it is Christmas Eve and you've eaten my lead reindeer, I'm afraid I find myself in a bit of a predicament."

The werewolf looked at the bloody carcass of the red-nosed reindeer that lay spread around him and cringed. "Uh-oh."

This story just keeps getting better and better!!!

Hagelrat said...

Kat Richardson is fantastic, I love her books.

Diane Muir said...

It isn't as if I NEED more authors in my life, but I certainly can't wait to start reading her.