Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My trivia geek

One of my favorite pastimes is messing with Max. I will go to Wikipedia's front page and in the lower right corner they have "On this day..." which will relate several historical events throughout the years. I will simply say "Today in 1972" and sometimes I might give him context, such as 'baseball.'

Nine times out of ten he knows the answer and every single time I am stunned.

The response to the query above was Roberto Clemente's death in a plane crash (December 30). Max knew it. I was surprised. Again. When I asked how he knew the answer, he gave me this train of thought: "It's not baseball season, it's December. Someone died. So, it has to be Roberto Clemente - 1972."

I don't know why I get surprised by this stuff anymore. Not only does he have fabulous recall of historical trivia, but he is able to associate information in his mind to make sense of it all.

Tomorrow something else will surprise me and then I will wonder why I continue to be surprised.

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