Saturday, March 07, 2009


Everyone I know is looking forward to spring. I am with you all. Last night's thunderstorm was amazing! All of the power of nature ripping through the skies.

But, with the storm came a change in weather that didn't bode well for desired warmth. The day has been cold and grey and we didn't want to go anywhere.

Max and I headed to the storage unit, though, to pick up some binders filled with his old negatives. He has completely embraced digital photography and has returned to building images with a lifetime of devotion. If we can't get out of the house so that he can shoot pictures, he needs to have something to work on when he's in front of his computer.

Trust me, if he isn't working on something productive, he's looking up the weirdest stuff ever! Random, strange conversations start when he is looking up odd things, so as much as I love holding these interesting conversations, sometimes they are a little too off the wall.

To keep him busy when he doesn't have fresh new images to produce, I knew it was time to search out the old negatives. A short trip to the storage unit and he has enough to work on for several months. AND, I get access to my favorite photos again.

I like keeping him busy ... when he focuses on a task, he doesn't pay too much attention to me. That means I can mutter strange words in Greek all I want without bothering him. OH! speaking of Greek, the professor promised that it would happen - and he was right. I woke up this morning with Greek words floating around in my dreams. The more vocabulary I learn, the more I'm going to end up dreaming this stuff.

You can see his images HERE!

The best part, though? I can read more and more in my Greek/English Bible. It's enough to fill my heart (and my eyes with tears).

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