Monday, March 09, 2009

That'll teach me

I hate Daylight Savings Time. Well, that's not exactly true. I love having more daylight in the evening hours, but I really don't like losing an hour of sleep. Totally messes with me. The worst thing is my own psyche. My poor brain gets so upset about losing the hour of sleep, I stay up much too late. I'm not one of those intelligent people that can go to sleep an hour early so that they retrain their bodies to the new schedule.

So ... last night I was reading. I looked at the clock on the computer - the one that will automatically change. It said 1:53 am. Cool! That's just fine. I have plenty of time. And I kept reading. The next time I looked at the computer clock it read 4:22. What? What? What? How did I do this? I mean, NO!!!!!

I quickly gathered up my Kindle, took one last shot at the bathroom and dashed into bed. By golly, we hadn't gotten the digital clock in the bedroom changed - it still read 3:22 am. I knew that without a doubt this was going to mess with my poor brain in the morning, but it was too dark for me to stumble around trying to remember how to change the clock.

After just a few minutes of reading, I fell asleep only to wake up at 8:10. I knew that Max was planning to pick his buddy, Dave up at 10 am for church. That meant he had to be out of the house by 9:35 at the very latest. The time was really 9:10. I heard the shower ... alright, Max is running a little late, he'll be fine. Time passed and I REALLY had to go to the bathroom (I know, TMI, sorry) and Max wasn't hurrying out of the shower. Wow ... he's going to be late. I finally hauled out of bed because I was worried about him. He was just warming the water up in the shower (it takes forever here) and was calmly sitting in the study.

"Max, do you know that it's really 9:23?" Of course he does, he's the time-god around here. "Yup, Dave called ... he was out too late last night ... we're not going anywhere."

Oh. Ok. Well, hmmmm ...

After dealing with my immediate needs, I sat down at my desk. You see. My friends were all leading worship out there in the world, and some of them were doing it for the first time in a new location and were without me! I wanted more than anything for this to be a good morning for them, so I set everything aside and spent the next 1/2 hour in prayer.

My eyes and body told me it was time to go back to sleep, so I headed back to bed. I was in desperate need of some more sleep. I couldn't fall asleep easily, so I just kept praying and soon enough, I fell asleep.

45 minutes later, the phone rang. I recognized my sister's ring. She was singing with the worship team and I know she wanted to tell me about it. The phone was in the study, I planned to ignore it. 45 minutes after that, the phone rang again - this time I recognized the text message ring. Ignore. 1/2 hour later, the phone rang again and within moments I recognized the voice mail ring.

Good heavens!!! Max finally brought the phone in to me. He was laughing. I started checking things out. While I was laying there trying to figure out what to deal with first, the phone rang again. I recognized another friend's ring. Cool. She thought I sounded still asleep ... hehe ... not anymore! As soon as I hung up with her, yet ANOTHER friend texted me asking if I had gone to worship that morning. Ummm ... nope!

Oh and that stupid beep that my phone does to remind me there are missed calls, voicemails and text messages? How in the world do I kill that? It's not easy trying to fall asleep when it beeps at you every 2-3 minutes - even when the phone is two doors down.

So, what does this teach me? Oh, nothing too profound. It was nice to connect with 75 percent of my immediate friends and family today. It was good to hear how wonderfully things had gone in worship and it was amazing to hook up with my family for just a few moments this afternoon.

Here I am - 1:51 AM and still awake. My Kindle is charging beside me so that I can crawl in bed and read. I've been decimating the battery lately.

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