Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy woman

Oh, I'm a weirdo. Last night at 1:15 am, I got a wild idea. I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could update my website a little bit. It's actually been a few years, so it was definitely time. I've poured most of my creative writing energy into this blog and the Pour Out a Blessing blog and the poor website has been sadly neglected.

At 5:00 this morning, I shook myself out of the 'do this now' process and decided it was probably time to get some sleep. If I hadn't made plans to go out this evening with friends, I might not have gone to bed until much later, but I knew that there was going to need to be a plan for the afternoon to get myself together for public presentation. It took awhile to drift off to sleep this morning, but I finally made it.

When I got up (later in the day), I started working on the website again. Just little tweaks until I can spend some intensive time in the Dreamweaver manuals. But, I got caught up in transferring my old blog into the website. I decided it was time to set that aside. Those were interesting times in my life. I got caught up in this political ranting and commentary that is so not me. Some of the blogs over there were about me, but it was just not what I wanted to be writing about. I'll leave that to those that enjoy it. I certainly don't. I remember being grateful for this blog because I knew that the readers I would draw would come here based on the blog itself, not some idea of who I was because of friends and acquaintances.

I didn't copy all of my blogs from there and I have now deleted all of them. Some just didn't mean anything to me at all. But, those that did and a few that made it past my filter are now archived in a place that allows me easy access.

My 'blogging' started back in 2003. Much of the early stuff is just fun observations I was making as I traversed the internet. It was so exciting to find new information.

The website ( has a long ways to go. We'll see if I have the ingenuity to figure out all of the intricacies of Dreamweaver so that I can make the site do what I'd like it to do. I promise, though ... it will be in English - not Greek.

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Aji said...

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