Monday, March 09, 2009

Stupid Clocks

I prefer clocks that automatically change time for me.

We have atomic clocks in the house that pick up a signal and adjust the time. My telephone picks up a signal and adjusts the time, the computers all automatically adjust the time, even the Kindle automatically adjusts its time.

Then, there are those OLD clocks. I have two digital clocks that require my attention. Whoops - 3 - forgot the one in the car. Those were pretty simple to adjust this time. I only had to advance an hour. They're a pain in the behind in the fall when I have to go all the way through the numbers ... it really stinks when you are clicking away and go to far. Argh! Do it again!

I have two completely analog clocks - sweeping hour/minute hands. I don't know if I've ever changed the clock in the kitchen. Guess what, it's right on time again as of today.

My brother's family gave me an awesome clock for my birthday last year. The face looks like all of the numbers have fallen off into the corner and it says "Whatever." (I'd take a picture, but the camera is downstairs and I'm too lazy). Hah ... whaddya know - found it online!

Anyway, since there are no numbers and I generally just look at the minute hand anyway to tell me where we are at in the hour, I don't pay too much attention to it. BUT! This morning at 4:22, I looked up at that clock and realized that ... hmmm ... it's on time again. Didn't bother to change it last fall.

All of my clocks are reading the right time again. They'll be fine until this fall when I'll only get most of them adjusted.

Maybe I should use the hour that I retrieve this fall to ensure that they're all reading the correct time. Nope ... probably won't ... this is much more entertaining.

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