Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I thought I was better at multi-tasking. I am obviously not that good. I have immersed myself in verbs and cases and stems/roots/endings for the last couple of days and have only come up for air when it's absolutely necessary!

I suppose some of you might say that it's a good thing I have a few outside activities so that I don't stay locked in my house for long periods of time, but honestly ... it's what I love.

I leave emails open in Outlook to remind me to respond ... otherwise I'd forget. Leica is smart enough to stand up on her hind legs when it's time to take her outside. I'd forget that too. If there's food up here in the study, I might munch on it, but until she needs to go downstairs and outside, I don't bother with lunch. So, it's good to not have any food up here!

Now, this isn't to say that I don't do anything else. Facebook is open all day long and when I am at the point of ripping hairs from my head because the brain won't respond properly, I release my thoughts and do something a little interactive ... then I can return to concentrate on the task at hand. I play a few games of solitaire just to stop thinking about things.

I find myself doing that with my Bible study as well. I can't tell you how many times I read these passages and commentaries before I can actually put something in writing (I was going to say 'write something down,' but I do it on the computer and not on a piece of paper). I have to read it and then leave it for a moment so that it sinks in and processes. If I find myself doing that quite a few times, I recognize it as writer's block. Then I have to leave it for just a bit longer so that I can come up with something creative. Heck, sometimes I am just glad to get a title for the blog!

I was beginning to wonder if I actually have Adult ADD. My concentration requires me to flit away from the task for a few moments so that I can get it to spread its tendrils through my mind.

Ack. Who knows.

Right now, though ... all that is on my mind is Greek grammar and Isaiah. I don't want anything else up there if that's alright with the world!

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