Monday, March 09, 2009


Greek for 'I love you.'

And actually, I haven't studied that at all ... but, I do have a brain that seems exhausted right now.

Today got off to kind of a weird start. Well ... a late start. You know me - up until all hours of the night and sleep through the morning. I like it that way. I think the best part is the completely empty bed from 6:30 am until I crawl out. Leica and I like it that way. But, the crazy dog still insists on sleeping right up against me unless I move her out of the way. I mean, RIGHT up against me! In the middle of winter (we're talking 20 degrees or below) it's fine, but right now the window has to be open in our room because I can't take the heat.

Anyway, back to my day. I fully intended to lock in and finish the current chapter in my Greek textbook. But, I spent time on the telephone talking to Jen about the wonderful worship at GUMC yesterday and then wrote a few necessary emails, talked to another friend about ordering some stuff and while I was on that phone call ... I heard the back door open and close and Max was coming up the steps. Ummm ... ruh oh - it's 4:00!! Ok, I hadn't eaten lunch until 3:00 ... that will definitely mess with a day. One more phone call with another friend about stress in her life and then another call with my sister.

And I had gotten absolutely no work done on Greek. Well, shoot.

Fortunately for me, Max was concentrating on his watch. It was definitely not doing what he wanted it to do - it's one of those atomic watches that is supposed to sync with an over the air signal to get the exact time. It did not want to make the change to daylight savings. He didn't need my attention.

I put the headphones on and started working my way through the chapter lecture. This is a lot of freakin' work! There are so many things about Greek that I have to know. Things that if I had a strong background in English grammar wouldn't be so difficult, but ... I didn't walk into this knowing all of the cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative).

I don't want to whine too much about this - I am thrilled with learning. THRILLED! It just wears me out, though. I finally got through the textbook exercises with the online lecture. Now I have to do the exercises in the workbook and then I will go through the online quizzes several times. At some point I will have enough confidence to move on to the next chapter. Yup ... 4 chapters before the next unit exam. I have a lot to learn.

It will be another late night for me. I definitely want to finish this tonight. And I have enough Diet Mountain Dew in me to keep me going for quite awhile ... wheeeeeeeeee ... off I go!

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